In previous articles, we have discussed how to create a PrimeNG data table and also checked how to render the data table dynamically. We have discussed how to implement a server-side pagination Prime data table with Angular. Here we will discuss awesome new PrimeNG filter controls. These controls are not only beautiful but also provide many features. We can also customize the filters using filter services.

There are three types of filters in the PrimeNG:

  1. Menu Filter
  2. Custom Filter
  3. Global Filter

Going ahead in this story we will also discuss how to apply these filters:

  1. Applying filter from the template

File download is one of the most common scenarios in web applications. The easiest way to download a file is to open a blank browser and the file starts downloading. This article demonstrates ways to download files using the Angular framework.

Downloading using URL:

The easiest way to download a file is to open the file URL in the browser with blank. This way is pretty easy to use windows object and pass the URL to a blank window. The main drawback of this method is when the parameter grows the URL becomes larger and can reach to max length limit. …

Angular is one of the most famous web frameworks. Web frameworks evolve over the time. Also for better performance, stability, and security need, a version upgrade is required. Stability brings reusable components and tools. Stability makes medium and large applications thrive and shine.

For stability and security, Angular provides regular upgrades. Upgrades are major, minor, and small patches. An upgrade from the existing version to a newer version always requires time and change in the code.

General Guidelines:

  • Major upgrades require time and money. …

Snowflake provides the best warehouse cloud solution. Snowflake is a data warehouse built on top of the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. To connect Snowflake in NodeJS required snowflake-SDK.

The snowflake SDK lacks documentation. So in this article, we will discuss how to create a wrapper to execute snowflake SQL statements. The first step is to install the snowflake. Check below npm install.

npm i snowflake-sdk

After the snowflake is installed, create types for snowflakes.

npm i -D @types/node @types/snowflake-sdk

Now once the snowflake is installed, we are good to import it.

import * as snowflake from…

NestJS is a framework for building serverside NodeJS applications. NestJS comes with the philosophy of Angular application. When I say Angular like application that means loosely coupled, highly scalable architecture. NestJS adopted both TypeScript and Angular features. TypeScript makes it easy to define data types. TypeScript comes with both basic as well as advanced data types. We can also make complex use cases using TypeScript. Angular comes with features of Inheritance, advanced dependency injection, dynamic modules, and service. These Angular features help in creating large enterprise applications with scalability. NestJS uses both TypeScript and Angular features on the server-side.

Problem with NodeJS and NestJS abstraction


JavaScript array standard library comes with a variety of methods. These methods help in finding output based on the input provided. There are plenty of articles but they are not focused on practical implementation.

Check the attached stackblitz project.

some(any) vs every(all): Basic Difference

Is Array.any() exist in the JavaScript? The answer is no. However, Array.some() do the purpose of getting any elements. The method Some will return true when the first matching condition will be met. In the below code we have product array which consists of product name, subscription validity, and payment approval element.

let productArray =[{productName:”Netflix”,isSubscriptionValid:true, isPaymentApproved:false},{productName:”Amazon Video”,isSubscriptionValid:false, isPaymentApproved:false},

Handling large data set in the drop-down in Angular is challenging. When there are millions of records. The dropdown renders data very slow. In these scenarios, we can use web controls that are more optimized and render data when needed.

Issues with traditional dropdown and Solution in Angular

Issues with traditional drop-down is it bind all data at one go. So when data increases, i.e. 10,000 plus dataset. The dropdown is so slow it takes a few seconds to open and render each element and properties.

There are different approaches to render the dropdown row faster.

  1. Pull all the data on the client-side and render when row is…

Reactive programming is one of the old approaches of doing programming. The adoption of coding reactive programming in the Angular community is slow. In this article, we will compare the traditional and functional reactive programming in Angular.

What is Reactive programming in Angular?

The book definition of reactive programming is below. Reactive programming follow three basic design pattern observable, iterative, and functional programming paradigm.

Reactive programming is a declarative programming paradigm concerned with data streams and the propagation of change. With this paradigm, it is possible to express static (e.g., arrays) or dynamic (e.g., …

TypeScript supports the inheritance concept. Certain times, it is very easy to reuse the code using inheritance. If Angular components have similar or identical code, It is very easy to extend a class and reuse the code. This way we can easily avoid copy-pasting the same code block over and over in the components.

Benefits of using Inheritance in Angular

  • Reuse the component code when they have common code and common functionality.
  • Create a base component class and extend it to all other components. This base component may contain many reusable code blocks.
  • Create a base service class to call the APIs and reuse it in…

Hazelcast is a distributed in-memory data grid platform for java. The architecture supports high scalability and data distribution in a clustered environment. It supports auto-discovery of nodes and intelligent synchronization. In this article, we will discuss how to implement Hazelcast server-client cache implementation in spring boot.

Hazel cluster

Hazelcast is automatically imported with the discovery-client-dependency and when enabled all the hazelcast-enabled apps will attempt to join with other members(called peers) and forms a cluster. The cluster has many functions including the ability to form a distributed map such that key-value pairs can be shared across all instances.

In this article, we will…

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