JavaScript array standard library comes with a variety of methods. These methods help in finding output based on the input provided. There are plenty of articles but they are not focused on practical implementation.

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Check the attached stackblitz project.

some(any) vs every(all): Basic Difference

Is Array.any() exist in the JavaScript? The answer is no…

Handling large data set in the drop-down in Angular is challenging. When there are millions of records. The dropdown renders data very slow. In these scenarios, we can use web controls that are more optimized and render data when needed.

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Issues with traditional dropdown and Solution in Angular

Issues with traditional drop-down is it bind all data at…

Reactive programming is one of the old approaches of doing programming. The adoption of coding reactive programming in the Angular community is slow. In this article, we will compare the traditional and functional reactive programming in Angular.

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What is Reactive programming in Angular?

The book definition of reactive programming is below. Reactive programming follow three basic…

Hazelcast is a distributed in-memory data grid platform for java. The architecture supports high scalability and data distribution in a clustered environment. It supports auto-discovery of nodes and intelligent synchronization. In this article, we will discuss how to implement Hazelcast server-client cache implementation in spring boot.

Hazel cluster

Hazelcast is automatically imported…

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